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Christians enslaved – Liberation brings hope.

Christians enslaved —
Liberation brings hope!

God has provided us with an incredible Matching Challenge to help us free Christian brothers and sisters from the horror and hopelessness of slavery in Sudan -- and feed hungry children and families before they starve to death!
Several friends of the ministry will literally match, dollar-for-dollar, any seed you sow into this ministry today, up to a total of $125,000!
Your generosity will go twice as far to care for Christians suffering unspeakable persecution at the hands of radical Islam.
Many have been rescued from slavery, by God’s grace, thanks to the generosity of a friend like you. But South Sudan is wracked by famine – many freed slaves now face the nightmare of malnutrition, even starvation.
They’re eating tree leaves, water lilies, wild nuts and roots from the bush just trying to stay alive.
The U.N. now says that 2.5 million people are at risk of starvation ... 220,000 children suffering “severe acute malnutrition.” That’s a long technical term that means painful, agonizing hunger -- desperate weakness -- enormous risk of illness -- even death.
We as God’s people must help them: the fathers, the mothers, the children ... these helpless multitudes. And God has given us a way -- through this amazing $125,000 Matching Challenge. May we not fail to step up to this opportunity for Christ-like compassion.
As you sow $48, with this Matching Challenge you’ll help free slaves and feed two families. Sow $96 and help feed four families ... or $192 and help feed eight families. Whatever you sow ...
God promises His blessings upon those who help the strangers, the orphans, the widows ...

because He loves the poor! Please open your heart to them today.
Time is running out. This Matching Challenge expires on August 8, 2015. Only a few weeks remain to help save lives in South Sudan.

As you can see, God’s heart is for the poor. He calls us to reach out to them, to be Jesus to them. And when we do, the Lord promises in His Word to bless our sacrifice and compassion! Help them now.

Yes, Pastor Parsley!

I want to help our Bridge of Hope outreach rescue Christians enslaved by Muslim masters in Sudan, provide emergency food and supplies to those who are set free and help you share the Gospel to a lost and hurting world through our Breakthrough television broadcast.

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