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God is not bound by the seasons ... He can give you an out-of-season miracle!

Resurrection Seed Deadline Almost Here!

Time is ticking away toward Easter Sunday and the deadline for a Resurrection Seed offering! If you need a financial breakthrough — God’s healing touch — a restoration in your family — Whatever you need, sow a seed for your resurrection harvest NOW!

Resurrection Seed has been going on for 30 years now — when our Breakthrough family presents their best to God at Easter time — in honor of how He gave His best for us. We see a flood of miraculous answers to prayer! And it can happen for YOU this Easter. But it all begins with a seed, a seed of faith.

And time is almost up for you to sow that seed! Do not wait another minute! Claim your miraculous harvest — your out-of-season miracle.

2012 was the year of perfection — the biblical season of completion ... but our God is bigger than the seasons, and He can give you an out-of-season miracle in response to your seed of faith!

Don’t wait! Sow now!

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