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Bridge of Hope is responding to the deadly scourge of Ebola in West Africa.  The Centers for Disease Control report that in the next four months, 1.4 million people could be infected with Ebola in Africa.  There is NO CURE.
Already more than 4,400 people are dead in the nations hardest hit -- and 8,900 have contracted the disease.
What a horrifying tragedy -- children dying, families laid waste, through no fault of their own.  Adults who succumb to the disease are too weak to work or tend their crops and livestock -- so food is growing scarce.
Many of these precious children of God were already living in poverty.  Now lack and hunger are multiplied many times over -- in sickness and death.
For the orphans, the widows, those in desperate need, we must immediately ship 40,000 pounds of food and supplies
The emergency food will help save lives -- the supplies like disinfectant, hygiene materials and masks will help STOP the spread of the disease.
Please help Bridge of Hope send the love of God and practical help to take care of the victims of Ebola -- and their families! 
Every $40 you give will help provide food and medical supplies for a family in desperate need – that means your gift of $80 will help TWO families ... $160 will help FOUR families – your sacrificial gift of $400 will help TEN families in need -- and will also help me continue preaching this Gospel to a lost and hurting world through Bridge of Hope's Breakthrough television broadcast.
There is no time to lose!  People are dying every day.  And Ebola is spreading.  We must intervene with emergency food and aid ASAP!  Please be as generous as you can -- whatever God places in your hand, please give it now.

Yes, Bridge of Hope!

I want to help Bridge of Hope save lives in West Africa by shipping immediate aid to respond to the Ebola crisis and to help share this Gospel with a lost and hurting world through Bridge of Hope's Breakthrough television broadcast. I enclose my seed of:

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