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Receive God’s 30, 60, 100 Fold Blessing!

Pastor Larry Huch was recently in the Breakthrough TV studio with Pastor Rod Parsley and led the Breakthrough audience through the revelation of God’s promised harvest to His people through the eyes of a Jewish Jesus, not of a Gentile Jesus.

Topics that Pastor Huch touched on were:
  • God is concerned about our finances
  • God has not ordained any of us to be in debt
  • God has not ordained any of us to be broke
  • God has not ordained any of us to be without
Poverty is a curse and the only thing destroying a Bible-Believing Christian today is a lack of knowledge.

In fact Hosea 4:6 says, My people are destroyed for lack of knowledge...

Pastor Huch reveals that God wants to eliminate debt in your life. He wants to reveal to you the three levels of giving that will break the bondage of poverty forever in your family. He talks about to receive a blessing from the Lord, you first must be a blessing to those around you. God will talk to you about a miracle, but also will talk about obeying an instruction.

Now this broadcast only revealed a small part of Pastor Huch’s four CD series entitled, “30, 60, 100 Fold Blessing.” Pastor Parsley wants to put this CD series in the hands of every person who sows a seed of at least $30 or more into the TV ministry of Breakthrough. For a faith gift of $50 or more, along with Pastor Huch’s CD series, Pastor Parsley wants to put into your hand one of his most requested hard back books, “No Dry Season,” a book which is a powerfully prophetic message for this final generation.

Sow in faith and expectancy and get ready to receive God’s promised harvest and learn the secrets of living under an open heaven in your life! Order these life-changing ministry resources today!

Yes, Pastor Parsley!

I want to receive God’s promised harvest and live under an open heaven. I want to be a blessing so I can receive the blessing of the Lord:

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