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Life's Greatest Enemy

Rod Parsley is leading our nation into a new awareness concerning the tragedy of abortion. People from all faiths and cultural backgrounds are coming to understand that abortion has been nothing less that an American genocide over the last 35 years, claiming the lives of 46 million unborn babies.

In fact, Dr. Parsley has been so moved by this issue that he directed his staff to produce the DVD set, Life’s Greatest Enemy, which exposes how African American children, in particular, have been the target of a generation of homicidal doctors and so-called “family-planners.” Over 25 percent of the African-American population has already been exterminated by abortionists. Nearly as many black babies are aborted in American as are allowed to be born. Rod Parsley is determined to bring this outrage to an end.

Through education, the establishment of crisis pregnancy Hope Centers, and serving as our voice on this issue in our nation’s capital, Rod Parsley has directed the collective might of his 10 ministries to fighting murderous abortion in America and throughout the world.

With your generous support, Rod Parsley’s crusade against abortion will continue both gaining strength and saving the lives of thousands of unborn children.

Stand against abortion now!

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